About Us

Welcome to Mcosi Funeral Services

Mcosi Funeral Services provides celebration of an individual's life and social support to bring closure and move ahead with living. Mcosi has developed a reputation as the uplifting place for locally prominent persons of the Baby Boom generation to celebrate their lives when they end. Sipho Mbonane will make himself available for a leadership position starting a local chapter of a nonprofit that helps children with life-threatening diseases.

AbaseKorinte Bokuqala Vers 10: Chapter 14.

  • Our Mission
  • It is the mission of Mcosi Funeral service to help family and friends to provide a dignified funeral to their loved ones at a low cost, by providing respectful low cost funeral cremation and memorial services.
  • Our Vision
  • Mcosi Funeral Parlour is striving to be one of the best funeral Parlours in South Africa.

    To be a market leader in providing low cost funeral services that people can associate with
  • To reduce unemployment rate in South Africa and contribute to South African Economic Growth.